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Tray 1 failure C-0201
Tray 2 failure C-0202
Tray 3 failure C-0203
Tray 4 failure C-0204
Tray 5 failure C-0205


Check that no paper is caught between tray 1 and the entrance to the machine.

If no paper is caught follow below to disable the tray so that you can continue to print from other trays.

Power the machine OFF from the main switch leaving the sub switch ON.

1.Turn main power switch ON while pressing the Utility/Counter key. Keep holding it till the comes up in Service mode.

2.Press [03 System Setting] on the touchscreen.

3.Press [01 Software SW setting] on the touchscreen.

4.Press the left up-arrow, which is displayed on the touchscreen, 2 times. The number displayed above the up-arrow will change to 18.

5.Select the bit number of switch 0, using the right up-arrow, 18-0 will be indicated.

6.Turn the setting to ON. To disable further trays use these DIPSW settings....

Tray1 - 18-0 to 1
Tray2 - 18-1 to 1
Tray3 - 18-2 to 1
Tray4 - 18-3 to 1

7.Press the [Return] key, which is displayed on the touchscreen.

8.Exit Service mode to return to normal operation

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