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Use Tray Alignment

Started by on 08 Mar 2024 – Last touched: 08 Mar 2024

08 Mar 2024 10:35 am    

The Tray Alignment feature shifts and rotates content on the page to correct misalignment problems caused by the imperfections of the paper tray.

The correction produces even margins which are ideal for registration on duplex (2-sided) printing.

  1. In the Main window, select the connected Fiery Server.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select Server > Align Tray.
    • In Device Center, select General > Tools > Tray Alignment.
  3. In the Tray Alignment window, specify the tray you want to align from the Tray list.
  4. Specify the paper size loaded in the tray from the Paper Size list.
    Note: The size you specify must match the actual paper size. For example, if you specify Letter size paper but load Legal size paper in the tray, the tray alignment effort is invalidated. Perform a new tray alignment for each combination of tray and paper size.
  5. Select Align for duplex to print a duplex page, or clear this check box to print a single-sided page.
  6. Click Continue to print the tray alignment test page.
  7. When the page has printed, follow the instructions on the alignment page.
  8. In the Adjustment Settings area, enter the value where the fold crosses each of the three scales marked A, B, and C, for Side 1. If you chose to align for duplex printing, enter the values for the three scales on Side 2 of the page. Click Apply.
  9. After you enter all of the alignment values, click Print Verification Page to print the new alignment page.
  10. Click Close.

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