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Toner Density Revert

Started by on 14 Dec 2017 – Last touched: 22 Jun 2021

14 Dec 2017 03:28 pm    

Toner Density Revert

  1. Power the machine OFF from the main switch leaving the sub switch ON.
  2. Turn main power switch ON while pressing the Utility/Counter key. Keep holding it till the comes up in Service mode.
  3. Select process adj
  4. Select drum peculiarity
  5. Select toner density revert - Select "All On" button run that routine. (Values for each colour need to be circa 1.26, wait until all go off, if values are out repeat procedure until you get the values near to 1.26)
  6. Press the [Return] key, which is displayed on the touchscreen.
  7. Exit Service mode to return to normal operation

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