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RIP disconnected

Started by on 26 Jul 2021 – Last touched: 26 Jul 2021

26 Jul 2021 12:16 pm    


Can not connect the Command Workstation to the RIP


  1. Power off the printer by opening the front door and turn off the main switch.
  2. Power off Fiery RIP by holding the green light button on the RIP.
  3. Leave both off for 5 minutes, power the Fiery RIP back on first by pressing the button so that the green light comes back on.
  4. Power the printer back on
  5. After a short time check the bottom left of the printer screen it will either say "Controller Unconnected" or "Ready to receive print data"
  6. When "Ready to receive print data" is displayed you can then connect to the RIP via the Command Workstation on your PC/Mac

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