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Rebuild Fiery RIP Firmware

Started by on 25 Nov 2020 – Last touched: 15 Jul 2024

25 Nov 2020 08:49 am    


If the RIP is stuck on AA or FF and on the printer screen the "Controller Button" is greyed out and in the bottom left hand corner it says "Controller Unconnected"


You will need a USB drive capacity must be 8GB minimum with the Firmware preloaded.

USB Load Procedure

  1. Remove all USB devices from Fiery and shut down Fiery with the soft switch button (not the rocker switch).
  2. Power OFF the printer.
  3. Disconnect the network and printer interface cables from Fiery (take a picture of the cables so you know where they go back into).
  4. As you are looking at the two DIP switches next to LED, move the DIPSW 1, see image below to the up position the one furthest away from the LED.
  5. Plug the prepared USB drive into the Fiery and power it on using the soft switch button.
  6. LEDs will quickly go thru POST sequence, then to "00".
  7. Approximately 2-4 minutes later LED will start incrementing: 01, 02, ... and then get to "FF" (00 up to FF
    takes about 20 minutes).
  8. Push the soft switch, the green light until the Fiery powers down (but leave rocker switch on).
  9. Remove the USB flash drive, re-attach printer cable, and then connect the network cable.
  10. Power ON the printer.
  11. Flip the DIP switch on the right back into the down position (both switches normally are in the down position).
  12. Push the soft switch to start the Fiery.
  13. The Fiery LED goes through POST, then to "AA" for several minutes. Then for the next 15 minutes or so LED will
    toggle between codes such as 02, AA, 03. At end of 15 minutes, Fiery should go to "00" which means Fiery is fully
  14. At this time, the controller icon should be active on printer operation panel.
  15. Reconnect to your Command Workstation, you will need to add a new Server as after a rebuilt the Fiery will have a new name.
  16. Login is Administrator and the default password id Fiery.1

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