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C-3599 (4065/4070/4080)

Started by on 28 Feb 2024 – Last touched: 28 Feb 2024

28 Feb 2024 09:43 am    

Intermediate transfer belt wrap abnormality


When J-3102 or J-3104 occurs, the fusing loop sensor (PS23) never becomes active within the detection period.


Make sure no paper is stuck in the top part of the fuser.

This is to prevent accidental reset of the code and causing additional damage to the machine.
To reset a fuser abnormality code, perform the following:
Then you will need to follow below to reset the dip switch on the machine.

  1. Power the machine OFF from the main switch leaving the sub switch ON.
  2. Turn main power switch ON while pressing the Utility/Counter key. Keep holding it till the comes up in Service mode.
  3. Press [03 System Setting] on the touchscreen.
  4. Press [01 Software SW setting] on the touchscreen.
  5. Press the left up-arrow, which is displayed on the touchscreen, 2 times. The number displayed above the up-arrow will change to 03.
  6. Select the bit number of switch 1, using the right up-arrow, 03-1 will be indicated,

be sure to select the DIPSW3-1 to 0 to Off.

7.Press the [Return] key, which is displayed on the touchscreen.

  1. Exit Service mode to return to normal operation

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